The A4 diary

A4 is a page right between a drawing and a photo ripped out of the everyday flow of information. I allow that note to be random, fragmented, a clash of matter and meaning. Many of them could have been enlarged and created in material. That is why one can call the A4 pages something of a preconcept. I have no warranty that I will ever do it, just like a man writing diaries feels the impossibility to relive the past. I feel the impossibility of putting into existence all of my ideas for paintings, sculptures or drawings. More and more often I see little sense in creating large-scale projects.I imagine the heaps of paintings for the author to live with, or lying in storehouses of galleries and museums. A simple “paint in 2 m x 4 m” note will suffice. Over one thousand of such cards were created. A patient and kind reader will find among them many truths about my imagination, my longing, my plans and inabilities, carrying a more detailed image of myself than within the large paintings.

Andrzej Strumillo, A4, The Catalogue, Wigry, 2010