I started taking photographs thirty years ago using a Leica camera with Elmar lens and I still use it today. It would be forcing an open door to prove that photography has the right to independence among the visual arts of the 20th century.

 Being a great lover of “natural nature” and direct contacts with it, I can see, however, that there is the conspicuous process of replacing or completing “natural nature” by the “artificial environment” created by man. All this and the mass information embracing film, television, advertising, the press, postcards and family albums, etc., must become with the passage of time a subject of the artist’s thoughts and generalizations as it was with a running animal in the past.

Millions of photographs have been made so far on Earth. Only in Poland, 160,000,000 X-ray pictures have been taken. So, it would be difficult not to include this phenomenon into the world obligatory to the artist.

Andrzej Strumiłło, The Catalogue, Zacheta, Warszawa, 1976 r.